WP Security Audit Log

Its very important to ensure the security of your wordpress site, You have to take some basic security precautions for your site.WP Security Audit log will Identify WordPress security issues before they become a security problem. It Keeps  a security audit log of what is happening under the hood of your WordPress blog or website or your WordPress Multisite installation.

This plugin will work both on WordPress single site installations and WordPress Multisite.

 Audit Log plugin is developed by WordPress Security Consultants and Professionals WP White Security and is the only WordPress monitoring and auditing plugin that works on both WordPress single site installations and WordPress Multisite.

Download From: WordPress.org

Best WordPress Plugin for your website – Must

Hey, here i m going to introduce some plugins which is a must for your site. I hope this will help someone who search for better wordpress performance. I always use the best wordpress plugins for my projects, because they will have best support and documentations so that it will help us to use with ease.

Akismet (For Spam Filtering)

Hope you all heard about spam issue in wordpress, Akismet is the best solution to the spam issue. Akismet helps to reduce almost all spams. Continue Reading…