How to create a custom query using shortcode

Have you ever tried to create a shortcode which create a custom worpress query?

Try with below code, i suggest the below code if you wish to show any articles/post to anywhere in the site using this shortcode.

You can get content using wordpress shortcode by passing your queries.

if(!function_exists ('custom_query')){
	function custom_query($atts)
		$result = '';
		global $post;
		$query = new wp_query($query_string);
		if($query->have_posts()) {
			while($query->have_posts()) { $query->the_post();
				$result.="<div class='post-item'>
<a href=".get_permalink()."><img width='100' height='100' src=".$meta." /></a>
<h1><a href=".get_permalink().">".get_the_title()."</a></h1>
<p class='metadata'><span class='post'>Posted by:</span>".get_the_author()."<span class='in-cat'>In:</span>".get_the_category_list(', ')."<span class='on-date'>On:</span>".get_comment_time()."<a href=".get_comments_link().">".get_comments_number('1 comment','2 comment','% comment')."</a></p>
<p>".get_the_content()."</p><p><a class='more-link floatright' href=".get_permalink().">Read More</a></p></div>";
		return $result;

You can use the shortcode [custom_query]

Example: [custom_query query_string=’cat=4′].

This will help you to create custom query using shortcode.